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Automatic Peering

It is recommended to use the DN42 Pingfinder to find the network with the lowest latency to peer with.

Fully self-service

This list includes only systems that offer instant peering (fully self-service, unattended).

ASN Network Autopeer URL
AS4242420253 moe233 https://blog.moe233.net/dn42/
AS4242421588 TECH9 CORE NETWORK https://www.chrismoos.com/dn42-peering
AS4242421816 Potat0 Network https://dn42.potat0.cc
AS4242421817 KSKB Network https://dn42.kskb.eu.org
AS4242422189 IEDON-NET https://dn42.kuu.moe
AS4242422244 ICEZ-DN42 https://sgp.dn42.icez.net/
AS4242422717 JK-Network https://net.whojk.com
AS4242423035 LARE-DN42 https://dn42.lare.cc/autopeer
AS4242423088 SUNNET https://peer.dn42.6700.cc
AS4242423914 Kioubit Network https://dn42.g-load.eu

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Historical services

ASN Network Autopeer URL
AS64719 lutoma https://dn42.lutoma.org
AS4242420603 MolMoe Network https://dn42.mol.moe
AS4242420927 Liki4 https://dn42.liki.link
AS4242423847 TheQ Network https://dn42.0011.de

TODO: add https://theresa.network/peer.html

Semi-automatic peering

This list contains all automatic services that are not fully automatic, but still require confirmation from the operator or similar.

ASN Network Autopeer URL
AS4242420207 RoutedBits https://peering.routedbits.com

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