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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

This page can be useful if you are trying to automate something or if you are trying to retrieve data programmatically.

ASN Authentication Solution

Authenticate your users by having them verify their ASN ownership with KIOUBIT-MNT using their registry-provided methods in an automated way. An example of this is the automatic peering system for the Kioubit Network. To use the service, please message Kioubit on IRC to have your domain activated and receive the required documentation.

Registry REST API

dn42regsrv is a REST API for the DN42 registry that provides a bridge between interactive applications and the registry.

As well as the main REST API to the DN42 registry, the server can also generate ROA tables and provides a small web application for exploring registry data.

A public instance of the API and associated explorer web app is available at the following URLs:

https://explorer.burble.com/ (public internet link)
https://explorer.burble.dn42/ (DN42 link)

https://explorer.dn42.pebkac.gr/ (public internet link)
https://explorer.pebkac.dn42/ (DN42 link)